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Financial Empowerment for heart-centered women solopreneurs. Gain lifetime access to bookkeeping mastery and unwavering tax confidence.

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Feeling Lost in the Numbers?

You’re a dedicated entrepreneur, pouring passion into every facet of your business. Yet, you find yourself drowning in a sea of spreadsheets, receipts, and tax jargon. The tightening in your chest as tax deadlines loom, restless nights doubting your financial records, and the pressure of wondering if overlooked deductions could hinder your growth.

But fear not, brave soul, for within you lies the power to transform this tale of financial stress into one of empowerment and success.

Your Financial Transformation Awaits

Welcome to Stickel’s Money Magic Club–where financial empowerment meets heart-centered entrepreneurship. Say goodbye to the stress of spreadsheets, tax jargon, and overlooked deductions. Here, you’ll unlock the tools and knowledge to navigate your finances with confidence and ease.

Ready to Ignite Your Financial Wizardry?

Secure LIFETIME ACCESS for just $197!

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Discover the Magic of Our Community

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Master Your Money Magic:

Dive into our comprehensive trainings, crafted to demystify bookkeeping and taxes. Overcome overwhelm and discover the secrets to effortless financial management.

Brew Your Tax Confidence:

Say goodbye to tax season stress. We provide the tools and insights to confidently navigate taxes, ensuring every deduction appears magically.

Heart-Centered Community:

Engage in our Facebook group of solopreneurs. Share, inquire, and celebrate. Monthly Q&As guide you toward financial mastery.

Empathetic Mentorship:

As a fellow heart-centered entrepreneur, I understand your challenges. I’m here to guide you in making finances your ally, not your foe.

Elevate Your Solopreneur Finances: Enroll for Only $197!

Monthly Q&A Sessions included.

Mysteries & Magic: FAQ’s

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How can I commit to this program with my busy schedule?


Our program is designed with your busy schedule in mind. Each lesson is broken down into manageable chunks, and you can progress at your own pace with lifetime access. By investing time now, you’ll save countless hours of stress during tax season.

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What if the content is too complex for me to understand?


Our training is tailored for beginners, using relatable language and real-world examples. We’ll break down complex concepts into easily digestible steps.

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Will this really prepare me for tax season?


Stickel’s Money Magic Club covers everything you need, from bookkeeping basics to tax mastery. Our success stories showcase entrepreneurs who confidently faced tax season after completing our program.

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What if I can’t afford the program at the moment?


Consider this an investment in your future. By gaining clarity and confidence in your finances, you’re setting the stage for long-term growth. We offer flexible payment options and even offer a satisfaction guarantee to ease your decision.

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What if I have questions or get stuck?


Our enchanting community is here to support you every step of the way. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs in our Facebook group, and join our monthly Q&A sessions for direct mentorship from Amanda Stickel. You’ll never feel alone on this journey.

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I’m not a numbers person; can this program still benefit me?


You don’t need to be a numbers whiz to succeed here. Our program is designed for heart-centered solopreneurs like you. We use relatable language and practical examples to ensure anyone can grasp and apply these essential financial skills.

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Stickel’s Money Magic Community

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Matthew & Julie Lichtenauer

Amanda was very helpful in our consult today. She was able to make sense of my questions that I was unsure if I was even phrasing correctly. She took the time to address all of my major concerns and gave advice and direction on something I can do better on. Very pleasant to work with.

Melissa Tousley

Amanda takes the overwhelmed feeling out of accounting! She provided me with guidance and a plan to organize my business. She answered all my questions and made me feel confident! She suggested a new way for me to look at my numbers to make sure I’m paying myself well, saving, and help my business grow!

Martha Maurno

Amanda has helped us to understand how to run and grow our practice. Before I worked with her we had no guidance and struggled with the financial aspect of our business. Thanks to Amanda, we no longer worry about this important facet of our practice because we know we are in excellent hands!

Claim Your Place in the Circle of Financial Empowerment

Join Stickel’s Money Magic Club now for just $197!

Transform your finances and unleash your inner financial sorceress. Let’s cast a spell of clarity, confidence, and abundance on your business journey!

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